Mon-Fri: 10-18
 Saturdays: 10-15
 Closed on Sundays

Prices 1.1.2015 (including VAT 24%)

1. Table + clothes rack 25€/week, no commission

2. Table without clothes rack 21€/week, no commission

3. Table and clothes rack or table without clothes rack 5€/week+20% commission. Rent and other expenses can be reduced from profit. Maximum time is 2 weeks.

4. Individual items (furniture, bicycles, baby carriages): By agreement.

Maximum sales time for individual items is three (3) weeks, or according to agreement.

Self-service flea market:

Rentable sales slots include a 90cm wide table with 4 levels and a clothes rack.

( 1 week = 6 days, e.g Monday-Saturday)

Additional services for those who have rented a table:

Tidying up the table: 5€/week

3 places for items in the showcase next to our cash register.

Stick-on security tags 0,2€/ea.. Hard security tags are included in table rent

Textile tagging gun can be borrowed from us. Bunch of barbs 0,5€/ea. (50 barbs in a bunch)

Prefilled price tags which will be collected for easy monitoring of sales: 0,3€/27 tags. More information here.