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Instructions for those who have rented a table

We rent tables for individuals and companies. Table is rented for one or more weeks at a time. First week is paid in advance, following weeks can be reduced from sales profits.

1. You can pay for the table when you reserve it but at the latest when the renting period begins.

2. Each week is 6 consecutive days on which we are open.

3. We have tables with and without clothes racks.

4. If you want to accurately monitor your sales you can buy our prefilled price tags (0,3€/27 tags) which are collected and returned when account is drawn up. You can also use your own price tags. We will print a report where you can see the number of sold products and the total sum of sales.

5. Make sure that the price, name of the item and the number of your table is clearly visible on your items. You can write a short description of the item on the price tag, e.g. "Red ZARA T-shirt, size M" is better than "T-shirt". We will not sell items that do not have price tags, so please ensure that the tags are well and clearly attached to the item. You can buy price tags from us.

6. We have showcases for valuable items, in which you can safely sell them. We recommend our showcases for jewelry and other small and valuable items.

7. Vaajapörssi is not responsible for lost and stolen items. We have camera surveillaince and alarm system. We report all thefts to the police and do everything we can to prevent thefts. We are not responsible for destroyed items in case of fire, water damage, burglary, vandalism or any other cause that is independent of us.

8. Sold items have no return or refund rights and we are not responsible for defective or incomplete items. We encourage our sellers to only sell intact and fully functioning items.

9. Do not overfill your table with items. It is better to have fewer items on sale and to bring more later.

10. If some of your items are missing after your contract is over, come and check our lost and found-items. Unfortunately we cannot store items indefinitely, so we will keep them on the shelf for only 7 days.

11. Do not overprice your items. Internet prices might not work at flea market.

12. When your table rent is close to ending you can put up -50% sign to your table for the last couple of days. Please remember to let the cashier know about this.

13. Tidying your table 1-2 times a week will improve your sales. We can clean the table on request if you have no time for it. Tidying the table costs 5€/week.

14. Please let us know at least 2 days before the end of your contract whether you wish to continue renting a table or to end the contract. It is possible to extend the rent with individual days for for 4€/day. The table must be empited on the last day of the contract, at least one hour before our store closes. We will charge 10€ for tables that have not been emptied and the charge will be reduced from sales profit.


- Leaving items on aisles

- Putting items on tables other than the one you have paid for

- Putting items on empty or reserved tables

- Selling foodstuff without a permission from the authorities

- Leaving advertisements with phone numbers

- Pirated products

- Adult entertainment

Drawing up the accounts:

You can always draw up your account in cash from the cash register. It can also be paid as a credit transfer.

When you draw up your account the sales of your table will be reseted.